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Setanta Furey is in!

Setanta Furey is the last participants in the SWA PRIDE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP FATAL-4-WAY at SWA Wrestling's return show "BACK FROM THE DEAD" on Friday - October 29th at the NYWC SPORTATORIUM in Deer Park, NY!

When Trigger shockingly turned down the spot in the FATAL-4-WAY, the irish fighter (who overheard) gave a passionate speech to the "guy in charge" Johnny Malloy about how badly he wished for that chance. Malloy said Setanta had "spoken like a true champion" and added him into the match.

This is Setanta Furey's first championship opportunity in SWA Wrestling, in a tough match, standing against 2 veterans and his own tag team partner Steven Person.

But what a story it would be, if "Irish" could pull it off and become champion!


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