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QUICK RESULTS: 09/02/2022

MATCH #1. Johnny Malloy submitted Ring King Camacho (RD 1)

MATCH #2. Jay Flyier pinned SMILEY (RD 1)

MATCH #3. Hunter Greyson pinned CJ Bambino w/ the "Finger Poke Of Doom" (RD 1)

MATCH #4. Chris Cayden pinned Anthont Gangone (RD 1)

MATCH #5. Irish Person (Setanta Furey & Steven Person) defeated The End

MATCH #6. Fi-Jew Brook Atta pinned Mason Shadowsx

MATCH #7. Jeremiah Tryggs pinned Mason Shadowsx

MATCH #8. JMMAI - JACKSON won via D.Q. over kickboxing national champion Georgio Lawrence

MATCH #9. Hunter Greyson pinned Rage (RD 2)

MATCH #10. Chris Cayden pinned Jay Flyier (RD 2)

MATCH #11. Chris Cayden submitted Hunter Greyson (CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS)

MATCH #12. Pancakes vs. Trigger ended in a NO CONTEST due to interference

MATCH #13. Pancakes & Trigger defeated CJ Bambino & Hunter Greyson w/ Dennis John

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