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Our next match comes from the mind of “Director Of Authority” Dennis John ( @SWADirectorDJ ), as he looks to “…bring the violence back to the SUFFOLK WRESTLING ALLIANCE.”

Long-time SWA Wrestling standout and resident psychopath the “Voice Of Violence” Junior Reyes returns at #SWAreunion, to take on the bringer of destruction the “One Man Disaster” Cataclysm!!!

SWA Wrestling fans will remember Junior Reyes for his wars with HARDCORE LEGEND Necro Butcher and love of the extreme in the early years, but Cataclysm will come in as a completely unknown to fans.

“Director Of Authority” explains, “This guy Cataclysm is just as crazy as Reyes and twice as tough. I went way back into SWA history, back before you could buy a ticket. This guy has never been pinned, never been submitted. I’ve heard horror stories of this guy in bar fights. I’m talking one tough S.O.B., chewing glass, breathing fire… That’s why I knew, this couldn’t just be a regular match.”

“It had to be something that fit these two. It had to be something big! Bigger than the crap Bowtie Harold gave the fans! That’s when I had another one of my brilliant ideas, a HANGMAN’S HORROR MATCH! That’s right! Suck on that Beckett!!!”

HANGMAN’S HORROR MATCH “Voice Of Violence” Junior Reyes vs. “One Man Disaster” Cataclysm

Tickets available for $15.00

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