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MATCH #1. Fi-jew Brook Atta stole the victory in the C.O.T.A. MEMORIAL BATTLE ROYAL

MATCH #2. Riley Daniels defeated Hunter Greyson & Jeremiah Tryggs

MATCH #3. Jay Flyier & Anthony Gangone were victorious over IRISH PERSON

MATCH #4. Chris Cayden submitted Johnny Malloy to retained the SWA ADRENALINE TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP

MATCH #5. W.A.R. pinned The Graveyard Disciples


MATCH #6. CJ Bambino won via referee stoppage against Trigger Bohannon in a BULL ROPE MATCH

MATCH #7. Riley Daniels successfully cashed in his SNOWBRAWL CONTRACT to defeat Mike Magnum & Pancakes to become the new SWA PRIDE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION

* Dennis John & C.O.T.A. were inducted into the SWA Wrestling HALL OF FAME

* Ring King Camacho assaulted General Manager 2xAA

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