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SWA Wrestling returns for one night only on Saturday – September 9th at the NYWC SPORTATORIUM in Deer Park, NY; as we present a very special event called “REUNION”.

The self-proclaimed “Booking God” Dennis John has another one of “his brilliant ideas” and it may be the craziest yet. In his quest to top Commissioner Christopher Beckett, Dennis has been thinking outside the box. Pulling the “One Man Disaster” Cataclysm out of obscurity to a largely positive reaction, Dennis has once again come up with an interesting “twist”.

SWA Wrestling constant the Beard Villain Johnny Malloy has been schedule to wrestle… a FAN.

That’s right, “Director Of Authority” Dennis John has found this man known as Eric Palmer while sifting through “fan mail”. Dennis John claims this fan has been writing the SWA Offices for years requesting, demanding, and begging for a match with Johnny Malloy.

Now in Dennis John’s infinite wisdom he’s arranged untrained, unknown, crazed, fan, Eric Palmer to sign an agreement to compete against Johnny Malloy at #SWAreunion.

“I’m the M. Night Shyamalan of booking wrestling shows, a wrestling booking god! Come one, come all, see the Beard Villain wrestle a FAN! Once in a lifetime!”

“Don’t worry Beckett, this guy signed all the paperwork, we’re not liable. This Palmer guy has been demanding a match with Malloy for years, this is his chance.”

ONCE IN A LIFE TIME – GRUDGE MATCH “Beard Villain” Johnny Malloy v. Eric Palmer

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