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Open Challenge Stockade


#1.) JT Kasin & Moonshine McCreedy ended in a DRAW, after both men simultaneously pinned each other. The two indulged in their alcoholic beverages of choice and celebrated with the crowd following the match.


#2.) NYWC TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS The Hounds Of Hatred (Boo Sullivan & Bam Sullivan) were victorious over the debuting Certified Sexy (Sasha Jenkins & Geno Da God) w/ Nutriousx Swo


#3.) The Omen Rockshah was unable to compete after being attacked by Junior Reyes from behind. Fabulous Marty Flames made the save, and the referee made an impromptu match between Flames and Reyes. Marty Flames scored a pinfall victory over “Voice Of Violence” Junior Reyes, after countering with a quick moonsault.


#4.) Jimmy Jact Cash w/ Dennis John defeated a very game opponent in Hippy Dicky Moon.


#5.) SWA Training Academy Showcase between Iri$h & Erich The Red ended in a NO CONTEST, after Dennis John and his client Kash interrupted the match. Former SWA Wrestler Trigger would then go on to attack Iri$h from behind, while Kash laid out Erich The Red.


#6.) PANCAKES flattened “Beer’d Life” Johnny Malloy with his patented “PANCAKE SPLASH” for the win. After the match Johnny Malloy would viciously attack PANCAKES. After nearly a 100 unanswered shots to the head, PANCAKE was attended to by the ringside physician and was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation.


#7.) NYWC CHAMPION “The Devil’s Outlaw” Stockade added Aidan Baal’s name to his long list of opponents beaten at the NYWC SPORTATORIUM.


#8.) “Little Monster” Binky made a successful debut defeating Lexa Rose in a back-and-forth contest, which saw Binky use several underhanded tactics to gain the advantage.


#9.) GraveYard Disciples (Menace & Mayhem) showed their dominance in their win over stand-outs Caveman & Mantequilla.


#10.) “The Ultimate Challenger” E.A. James got the better of Max Caster in overtime of our mainevent. Both men tore the roof off the building until reaching the matches time-limit. The match was originally announced as a DRAW by ring announcer Peter Rosado, but the S.W.A. Wrestling crowd demanded “5 More Minutes” and referee JumboMan obliged restarting the match. E.A. James was able to pull out all the stops and put Caster away in overtime. Following the match both men received a round of applause from the fans in attendance.

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