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SWA Wrestling returns for one night only on Saturday – September 9th at the NYWC SPORTATORIUM in Deer Park, NY; as we present a very special event called “REUNION”.

From the mind of "Director Of Authority" Dennis John comes an INTERGENDER 3 vs. 3 TAG TEAM MATCH, featuring rivals Little Monster Binky & Lexa Rose, each assembling a team of their choice to do battle at SWA Wrestling presents "Reunion".

Little Monster Binky chose The M.O.B. ( Jimmy Jact Cash & Rocky "Rockshah" Badabino) to help her in destroying Lexa & her team.

Lexa Rose enlisted the help of her tag partner Trigger Bohannon & certifiably delicious chef Pancakes - Wrestler to fight the devious trio Binky has created.

INTERGENDER 3 vs. 3 TAG TEAM MATCH Jimmy Jact Cash / Rocky Badabino / Binky v. Trigger / Pancakes / Lexa Rose

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