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#1. Jeremiah Tryggs won a TRIPLE THREAT against Christopher Rone & Savage Shade

#2. Johnny Malloy submitted Ring King Camacho (with Royal Guard Ox)

#3. W.A.R. (Rage & Mason Shadowsx) defeated IRISH PERSON (Steven Person & Setanta Furey)

#4. Lucian Gray won a TRIPLE THREAT against Xander Lee Mickey & Daniel Riley

#5. Anthony Gangone & Jay Flyier were victorious over The Graveyard Disciples (Menace & Mayhem)

#6. Pancakes & Chris Cayden beat CJ Bambino & Hunter Greyson w/ Dennis John in the first ever WAFFLE HOUSE STREET FIGHT

*Halfway through the event Trigger was attacked, tasered, and tied up by the debuting Jorge La Beastia & The Black Scorpion & CJ Bambino.

*After the mainevent Chris Cayden accepted Johnny Malloy's Challenge for a Championship match at WRESTLE:HELL in June

*To end the show it was announced SWA HALL OF FAMER Mike Magnum will return to challenge Pancakes for the SWA PRIDE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP in June at WRESTLE:HELL

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