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Mike Magnum v. Marty Flames

Our next match announcements sees the return of former PRIDE TOURNAMENT WINNER & former PRIDE CHAMPION Mike Magnum, as he takes on long-time partner and friend Marty Flames.

These two have known each other almost their entire lives. Magnum & Flames, or Mike & Lou as their known to friends and family, grew up best friends. They started in the wrestling business together. They trained side by side. They traveled together. They teamed together. They supported each other, in the career highs and the falls.

When Magnum was called to work a WWE event, Marty was the guy to take the long drive to Buffalo with him. When Magnum had his performance center tryout, Marty was the friend dropping him off at the airport. When it was time to head down to Florida for a potential spot with IMPACT WRESTLING, Mike & Marty jumped in a car and took advantage of their opportunity.

But it was always Mike & Marty… Never Marty & Mike… The world had always labeled Marty the “side-kick”. The big opportunities always seemed to come for Mike, while seemingly passing Marty by. Even though the two always looked at each other as equals, the rest of the world wanted to assign Marty the #2 role.

That’s why when #SWAreunion was coming together, Marty reached out to his friend and asked for this match. A proposed friendly match-up. A chance for Marty to show to they’re on the same level. A competition for pride, and for respect.

“Marty is my best friend. If he wants a match to show the world how good he is, how could I say no? I know how good Marty is. On September 9th we’re going to lace up the boots one more time and give the fans a match they won’t forget.” - Mike Magnum

EXHIBITION MATCH Mike Magnum v. Marty Flames

Tickets available for $15.00

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