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QUICK RESULTS: SWA Wrestling presents "WRESTLE:HELL" (06/14/24)

#1. Tough Jim Steel won the C.O.T.A. MEMORIAL BATTLE ROYAL

#2. Setanta Furey defeats former partner Steven Person

#3. Hunter Greyson retains the ADRENALINE CHAMPION defeating CJ Bambino & Chris Cayden

#4. The Organization (Alvin Alvarez & Jorge La Bestia) w/ Dennis John defeats The Graveyard Disciples (Mayhem & Menace)

#5. W.A.R. (Rage & Mason Shadowsx) w/ Kaos defeated Anthony Gangone & Jay Flyier to become the NEW SWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS

#6. Johnny Malloy pinned Joey Conway to become the NEW SWA PRIDE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION

*F.A.F.O. were called out by General Manager Lexa Rose and when the situation escalated a chair wielding Trigger Bohannon came out to defend his company and wife.

*After W.A.R.'s TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP win, Mason Shadowsx announced his retirement from professional wrestling, prompting an attack by Gangone & Flyier.


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