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Commissioner Christopher Beckett ( @T1WBeckett ) & "Director Of Authority" Dennis John have put together a clash of the nations, as they bring former PRIDE CHAMPION Novaskotia out of retirement to fight the Russian threat, Shockwave Koloff.

"Now, is perfect time to rekindle the flame of cold war. The West has grown weak, but Russia has come out rejuvenated, like bear from hibernation. I come to SWA Wrestling, for a worthy challenge. I told personal friend of Putin, Dennis John, that no such man exist!"

Christopher Beckett seems to disagree, as he has found a champion of the West.

Born in Canada, adopted in Mexico, wrestling in the United States. He trained in the ways of Lucha Libre, and climbed to the top of SWA... The former PRIDE CHAMPION the "Canadian Superman" Novaskotia returns!!!

Who will triumph in this U.S.A./Mexico/Canada V. Russia battle?

BATTLE OF THE NATIONS "Canadian Superman" Novaskotia v. "Cold War Kid" Shockwave Koloff

Tickets available for $15.00

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