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Ricky Richards is the Gatekeeper

SWA Wrestling returns for one night only on Saturday – September 9th at the NYWC SPORTATORIUM in Deer Park, NY; as we present a very special event called “REUNION”.

A celebration of the SUFFOLK WRESTLING ALLIANCE’s history, with appearances by wrestlers representing the PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE of SWA Wrestling.

A night of professional wrestling filled with throwback matches, first time clashes, boy-band performances, Canadian Luchadors, Beards, Penguins, Violence, a Russian campfire, and more returns than the Royal Rumble.

Thanks to Commissioner Christopher Beckett ( @T1WBeckett ) the cornerstone of SWA WRESTLING Ricky Richards will be in action at "REUNION".

Ricky Richards will be issuing an open challenge to anyone looking to seize the opportunity to test the gatekeeper himself.

Tickets available for $15.00 at:

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