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Erich The Red vs. Kash

SWA Wrestling presents All's Well That Ends Odd on Saturday - December 10th, 2016 at the NYWC SPORTATORIUM in DEER PARK, NY; featuring SWA Training Academy Student Erich The Red locking up with the man of too many nicknames Kash Camacho with his Manager Of The Stars 'The Elitist' Dennis John!


Erich The Red's debut match at "RISE" was cut short, as Dennis John and his client Kash would interrupt it. Dennis John would build his client up, talking of his greatness, rattling off ...his dozens of monikers, and degrading the two competitors in the ring.

When opportunity presented itself, "All Gold Everything" Kash would attack Erich from behind. With Dennis John firing off an illegal low-blow to Erich, it set him up for Kash's patented "BLACKOUT" double stomp.

Now, Erich The Red will get his chance at revenge as he takes on the man who attacked him in singles action.

For more information on the event and to purchase tickets, please visit - CLICK HERE


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