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SWA Wrestling presents RISEon Saturday - October 8th, 2016 at the NYWC SPORTATORIUM in DEER PARK, NY; the sinister Hounds Of Hatred (Boo Sullivan & Bam Sullivan w/ Mouse, DevilDoll) are ready to welcome Certified Sexy (Sasha Jenkins & Geno Da God) w/ Nutriousx Swo)!


Originally slated to be the first "Trios Tag Team" match in SWA Wrestling history, the match was converted to a traditional tag team encounter after Nutrious X suffered an injury.

Now The Hounds Of Hatred Boo & will come in with a distinct advantage, armed with the infected infectious Mouse and the devious DevilDoll. They battle 2/3rd's of the sexy world order Geno & Sasha, with a still injured/banned from physical altercation Nutrious X watching their backs.

Can Certified Sexy overcome the stacked deck on The Hounds home turf? #SWArise


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