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Its no secret that SWA and NYWC have a working relationship, and on September 12th Live from the Coram Fire Department SWA will showcase 4 of their best talent, for one night and one night only "The Collector" Johnny Malloy will team up with the Pancake Lovin Eatin Cronus, to take on the reuniting of Mike Magnum and Marty Flames Team Energy. Its no secret that Magnum cant stand Johnny Malloy, since it was Malloy who pined Magnum last month in SWA first ever Thumbtack Match.. however Magnum also has no love for his partner either. Marty Flames who just returned from an injury that Magnum caused. Can Mike Magnum put this difference aside and finally hand Johnny Malloy a defeat? Find out when NYWC presents FIRE STORM 2!

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