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Anthony Gangone vs. Maxwell Jacob Feinstein

On Saturday – April 16th, 2016 at the NYWC SPORTATORIUM in DEER PARK, NY; the SWArevolution presents “SPRING LOADED”.

"The Rogue" Anthony Gangone is in action and looking to get back in the title picture, as he takes on newcomer Maxwell Jacob Feinstein.

Since losing the title, coupled with his lengthy suspension, Gangone has lost considerable momentum in SWA. Scoring a big win to start the year, Gangone followed it up by missing an event, and failing in a valiant effort at SN...OWBRAWL. "The Rogue" is in need of an eye-catching performance to thrust himself back in to the PRIDE CHAMPIONSHIP picture.

Speaking of eye-catching, the self proclaimed "Youngest, Hottest Free Agent In Wrestling Today" caught the "Director Of Authority" Dennis Johns' eye with his performance inside the SNOWBRAWL RUMBLE. Prompting Dennis John to give Maxwell Jacob Feinstein a second chance.

"The guy had a presence about him. He caught my eye and he kept it. I'll admit, he made the wrong choice going up against Fallah Bahh at SNOWBRAWL. But, with Gangone it should be a different story."

"I like when a guy comes in here and backs up what he's saying. For Feinstein to walk in and defeat a former PRIDE CHAMPION like Gangone... it would be HUGE. I tell you, It sure would give stock to that hottest free agent moniker!" - Dennis John

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