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Rivera/Stockade for the NYWC Championship at SNOWBRAWL!

Its #official If you didn't catch the recent backstage altercation between NYWC Champion Stockade & Chrissy Rivera... well then this is going to be a bit of a... surprise! On March 19th live from the #NYWC sportatorium in #DeerPark #SWA Director of Authority Dennis John has finalized the deal and it will be "The Queen Of The Combat Zone" Chrissy Rivera will go one on one with the NYWC World Champion "The Devils Outlaw" Stockade for the NYWC Championship! as her boyfriend Tyler Murphy has said in the past "She a Pit-bull" well this Pit-bull steps into the ring with the Devil himself! Be there to witness this true clash of #David vs. #Goliath

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