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This Saturday SWA returns to the NYWC arena as SWA revolution STEPS TO A PINNACLE 3 goes live! with less then a week away SWA has released yet another match for STEPS and its going to be a good one!. Fresh off his win against "Your Hero" Mike Magnum in the first ever SWA thumbtack match! "The Collector" Johnny Malloy has been targetd by the man who at Thumbtack-u-lar Saturday suffered his first loss in SWA "The Young Lion" Alexander James. James who was defeated by the returning Novaskotia swears it was a fluke that he his still the top dog in SWA and what better way to prove that then by taking down SWA original "The Collector" Johnny Malloy. Who will walk out victorious when these two men go toe to toe!

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