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QUICK RESULTS: SWA Wrestling presents "DOUBLE TROUBLE" (03/08/24)

#1. Johnny Malloy pinned Alvin Alvarez

#2. Jorge La Bestia w/ Dennis John defeated Savage Shade

#3. The Graveyard Disciples (Menace & Mayhem) defeated IRISH PERSON (Steven Person & Setanta Furey)

#4. W.A.R. (Rage & Mason Shadowsx w/ Kaos) defeated Southern Hospitality (Xander Lee Mickey & Bomack Calhoun)

#5. Jeremiah Tryggs pinned Christopher Rone

#6. Hunter Greyson won the first fall to become SWA ADRENALINE CHAMPION & Chris Cayden won the second fall to retain the SWA PRIDE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP

*On Fi-jew's Tiki Temple it was announced General Manager 2xAA & Pancakes vs. Ring King Camacho & Ox on April 19th, at WINNER TAKES ALL

*To end the show it was announced SWA PRIDE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Chris Cayden vs. NYWC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Joey Conway on April 19th, at WINNER TAKES ALL


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