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MATCH #1: RAGE defeated Hunter Greyson by pinfall with a TKO neckbreaker to kick the show off.

MATCH #2: HC Loc & Defiance scored the pinfall defeating Jay Flyier, Mason Shadowsx, and Mc3, when HC Loc hit the rainmaker on Mason Shadowsx.

MATCH #3: CJ Bambino & Johnny Malloy's match ended in a NO CONTEST, after both men were injured during the match.

MATCH #4: Junior Reyes pinned Riley Daniels after delivering the "HAIL THE KING".

MATCH #5: Pancakes defeated JACKSON, Steven Person, & Setanta Furey in a FATAL-4-WAY to become the NEW SWA PRIDE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION after landing the "PANCAKE SPLASH" on Jackson for the 3 count.

*Harold O'Harts was brutally attacked by Junior Reyes during what was set to be his goodbye speech to the SWA Fans.

*Harold O'Harts is set to be the next inductee into the SWA Wrestling Hall Of Fame later this year.


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