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Little Monster Binky gets her wish!

“Dennis John calls me to gloat he’s bringing in Mason Shadows. He’s telling me he’s over 400 pounds now, but he’s stilling flying through the air like a cruiserweight. He goes, “There’s nobody you got who can contend with this guy. He’s my secret weapon!” Then he’s laughing to himself like a jackass.” “I tell him, “Dennis… first, it’s not a secret weapon if you just told me about it… Second, I’ve got just the person for the job, so shut it.” Last week I had a conversation with an S.W.A. Wrestler on a win streak, begging for a step-up in competition on the next show. I told her, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it." At NYWC Wrestling presents SWA Wrestling "The Roast Of Dennis John" on Saturday – March 21st, at the NYWC SPORTATORIUM in DEER PARK, NY; Little Monster Binky will fight the 400 lbs. flying monster Mason Shadows!

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